Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fly Of The Week

Welcome back to my fly of the week section.  With October approaching, I figured I would treat everyone with an October Caddis Nymph pattern.  Fish this solo under an indicator or trail it with a very small midge or emerger pattern.  I have had a lot of success trailing very small midges during this time of the year.  With browns soon spawning, key in on the tail end of runs and pools and you should hook into some.  I just love their colors this time of the year.   Tie one on and best of luck. Remember...FISH WITH CONFIDENCE!

Hook:  Tiemco size 16 curved
Thread:  Rust Orange 6/0
Bead: Gold 2.3 mm
Tail:  Pheasant tail
Rib:  Gold wire
Body:  Cinnamon Caddis superfine dubbing
Thorax:  Olive Brown Ice Dub

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