Monday, November 18, 2013

Fishing Flea Market

Eat My Fly Outfitters will be a vendor at the upcoming fishing flea market in Rahway, NJ, this coming Saturday (November 23) from 9:00 to 2:00. The flea market will be held at Saint Thomas Church (1400 St. Georges Avenue).  We will be introducing the much anticipated "Catch & Release" long sleeve shirt and 6 new hat styles.  Also joining me will be Angelo Conti. Angelo (2011 and 2012 NJ fly fisherman of the year) will be tying flies and providing business cards for his Ten Footer Club guiding service.  If you cannot attend, I will be posting pictures of the new merchandise with the option to purchase through Paypal soon.

On a fishing to spend my Saturday morning with some close friends.  I went out with the goal to get some fishing pictures for my website that is coming soon ( I think I got a couple of good ones with some nice fish.  The fishing was pretty slow to be honest. My friend Anthony and I only managed two trout the whole morning on egg patterns.  After a few hours, we decided to meet Angelo at the Gorge.  We pulled up, saw a bunch of fish, and even more anglers.  I guess that should have been expected on a 60 degree November weekend.  I really didn't fish much.  Instead, I watched Anthony try to entice a wild rainbow to rise to his fly. The trout was in a perfect lie, with a big boulder preventing Anthony from getting the drift he needed. He certainly tried his hardest with no success but that's what keeps us fishing!  On the way out, Angelo, Anthony,and myself got to talk with our new fishing buddy, Andrew. Andrew is 11 years old and boy does he know his stuff. Just watching trout rise, fishing with friends, and seeing the smile on Andrew's face when he arrived at the river made my day.

Here is one of the pictures from the day.  If you can't make the flea market and would like to purchase this hat, just click "buy now".  It also comes in tan/brown.


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