Friday, September 13, 2013

Change It Up

So I hit up my local native trout stream for an hour or so after work today.  The water was pretty clear with a nice flow to it.  I went there with one goal...try out some new flies.  I have been tying for awhile and sometimes create flies that just sit in my fly box. After looking through my fly box, I decided to fish with a fly similar to a zebra midge. I consists of a glass bead, green body, yellow ribbing, and a size 18 curved hook.

I managed to land three small, yet beautiful native brown trout, and missed one other.  I didn't get a chance to even tie on a different fly which I guess was a good problem if you want to call it that.  Even though I wanted to try out some new flies, I at least managed to find a new one that worked.

So the next time you tie flies or go out on the water.....try something different.  Fish with confidence and you might just find your new favorite fly.  It is said that Team USA Fly Fishing member, Lance Egan had his rainbow warrior in his fly box for two years before he actually used it. Thank God he did, it's one of my favorites.

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