Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fly of the Week--BWO-Yea Nymph

Welcome back!  I'm thrilled to kick of my fly of the week section.  It's so exciting looking through my fly materials and thinking of what I could possibly come up with next.  The possibilities are countless.  Some flies might not work and others will.

The fly of the week is my BWO-Yea Nymph.  I came up with this pattern two months ago and it just catches fish.  I fish it many ways.  I either Czech nymph with it or fish it under an indicator in slower, deeper holes. I also have a lot of success trailing an emerger pattern with an RS2 being my favorite.

The recipe is....

Hook:  Tiemco 16 (curved)
Thread:  Olive
Tail:  Pheasant tail fibers
Rib:  Yellow wire
Body:  Mahogany Brown dubbing (Delaware River Club)
Thorax:  Ice Dub (Olive Brown)
Bead:  Nickel

So tie one on and best of luck.

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