Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holy Pike!!!

So I decided to head to the Musky yet again.  With the lack of rain, it seems the only place worth fishing.  I managed to pluck out a couple of trout in the early morning hours.


But that's not what this post is about.  After a few hours on the water, I decided to head out and perhaps fish a small creek by my house loaded with picky, beautiful trout.  On my way out, I scoped out some water where, as the story goes, a huge Muskie lays. I've seen him once but he disappeared as I ran to my truck to get some bigger gear. Well...to my surprise, there he was.  I didn't want to leave so I decided to just try and entice him with the biggest streamer I had. Low and behold, on my first cast, he smashed it.  As I shook in my wading boots with excitement, he played me from one bank to the other and back countless times. 

After a ten minute fight...I landed him!!!  And it wasn't a Muskie, but a pike...

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  1. Nice fish, all of them. That thing is going to have a feast on those fall stockers!