Monday, October 7, 2013

Fish On!

I love waking up with a chill in the morning, especially when it's 5 AM and you're about to go fishing.  There is just something about the fall season that I truly love. The air feels clean, the leaves are showing off their beautiful colors, and the fish are hungry.

I got to the river at 6:30 or so and made myself comfortable.  With the sun rising, everything seemed more enjoyable. Getting hung up, tying on more tippet, tying on a fly, didn't really matter at that point in time.  When my fly was active, it caught fish.  I managed to land two on a walts worm and one on my first ever tied streamer pattern.  My favorite BWO-Yea took the rest.

The browns have definitely started coming upstream as they were plentiful.  Check out those spots in the pictures below!  Simply beautiful. The brookie was a slob that fought really well.  Overall, it was a great day of fishing.  Get out there and have some fun.  CATCH & RELEASE

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