Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Undercut Bank Browns

There's no better feeling than the last bell ringing at the end of the school day.  I eagerly hopped in my truck and headed to my favorite little creek.  I got to the river and was disappointed to see it drop and clear up so quick.  We really could have used a bit more rain.

Anyway, it's a day on the river so no complaints here.  I had on a tiny black wooly bugger from the day before.  Call it lazy but I decided to keep it on for the time being.  So I decided to hit this tiny undercut bank where I know the trout usually hide and on my first cast...boom, a nice brown trout.

To my surprise the wooly bugger worked even in these low water conditions so I decided to keep it on.  After a dozen or more casts, not a single flash.  However, as I walked past, I noticed at least eight trout holding in that particular spot. I like to think the were spooked rather than them not biting from lack of fishing skill.  So I headed upstream to a few more undercut banks and had luck at each one.

Point of the story, try fishing those undercut banks when water conditions are low. The banks tend to be deep, provide cover from predators, and bring food right to hungry trout.  As I said, wasn't planning on swinging wooly bugs today, but didn't even change my fly the entire time.  That's why I love fishing...you learn something new every time you wet a line.  Enjoy the pics!

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